We would like to invite you to Rzeszów, the capital city of Subcarpathian Voivodship, the southeastern region of Poland, adjoining the territories of Ukraine and Slovakia. For centuries Rzeszów took advantage of its location on a major east-west route linking Krakow, Przemyśl and Lviv with the Black Sea. The first recorded reference to Rzeszow dates from 1354, when it was granted a town charter by King Casimir the Great. In the 16th century the Wislok River up to Rzeszow was recognised as being navigable, giving the town a direct connection to the city of Gdańsk and that of the Baltic Sea. The period of greatest prosperity was at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th centuries, when it became an important centre of trade and craftsmanship. With its population of over 172,000, Rzeszów is now one of the largest cities of the region and constitutes the economic, academic, cultural and recreational centre of south-eastern Poland. It serves as an important centre for aerospace, IT, chemical, commercial, construction and service industries. The city is also the main academic centre of the province, and well known for its polytechnic. Its historical centre is reminiscent of a village in Galicia and old town is worth a visit. The oldest monument is the 15th Century Parish Church of St. Stanislaus and Wojciech, with a Gothic chancel and three Renaissance headstones belonging to old Rzeszów families, the former owners of the town. One of the greatest attractions of Rzeszów is unique complex of underground cellars and corridors - Underground Tourist Route.
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