We would like to invite you to Gdynia, the town which is an important seaport at Gdańsk Bay located on the south coast of the Baltic Sea. Along with two other cities, Sopot and Gdańsk, Gdynia forms a metropolitan area called the Tri-City. Gdynia born out of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919. Even if it is one the youngest Polish cities, the first reference to the village was given to the Order of Norbertan Sisters from Żukowo dates back to 1209, so it possesses a few historical monuments including the Church of Saint Michael Archangel in Oksywie built in 1224.
The port of Gdynia is the gateway to Poland and a landmark of city. It ranks among the best in the Baltic region, as it is not only a cargohandling facility but also an international business centre.
The main attractions in Gdynia are the museum ships Dar Pomorza and Błyskawica, which are located along the pier, the Gdynia Aquarium and the recently built magnificent Sea Towers. Dar Pomorza, built in 1930, was recognised as the Most Beautiful White Frigate, and it will be a place of celebration the 25th anniversary of MIXDES conferences. For those who are not interested in ships there are wonderful opportunities to watch wildlife in the Sea Aquarium or nature reserve Redłowska Kępa.
Today Gdynia has more than 250 000 inhabitants and it is a modern and dynamically-growing city with its modern development and economy open towards the sea.
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