MIXDES - The MIXDES 2020 information

27th International Conference "Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems"
Łódź, 25.06-27.06 2020

The MIXDES 2020 Conference took place in Łódź. The topics of the MIXDES Conference included:

  1. Design of Integrated Circuits and Microsystems
  2. Thermal Issues in Microelectronics
  3. Analysis and Modelling of ICs and Microsystems
  4. Microelectronics Technology and Packaging
  5. Testing and Reliability
  6. Power Electronics
  7. Signal Processing
  8. Embedded Systems
  9. Medical Applications

The total number of 50 papers from 19 countries were accepted for publication including 5 invited papers.

The following invited papers were presented during the conference:

  1. Sensor Design Made by Bosch,
  2. Maximizing the Efficiency of CMOS Front-illuminated Solar cell for Self-powered IoT Sensor Applications,
  3. Miniaturized Sensors for Planetary Applications,
  4. The Qucs/QucsStudio and Qucs-S Graphical User Interface: An Evolving "White-Board" for Compact Device Modeling and Circuit Simulation in the Current Era,
  5. Semiconducting Oxide Electronics for Newly Emerging Applications,

The following special sessions were organised during the conference:

  1. Compact Modeling Support for Micro and Nanoelectronic System Development
    • Impact of Dynamic Trapping on High Frequency Organic Field-Effect Transistors,
    • Parameter Extraction for a Simplified EKV-model in a 28nm FDSOI Technology,
    • Compact Model for Continuous Microfluidic Mixer,
    • Qucs-S/QucsStudio/Octave Schematic Synthesis Tools for Device and Circuit Parameter Extraction from Measured Characteristics,
  2. Large Scale Research Facilities
    • Offshore Wind Farm Energy & Power Cables
      • IEEE ED Poland MQ

        The following papers has been awarded:

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        March 1st, 2021

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        April 26th, 2021

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        May 17th, 2021

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        May 17th, 2021