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Noise Resistance Estimation for a GaN JFET Using Small Signal Measurements for an X-band LNA

E. Karagianni (Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece), C. Lessi (National Tech. Univ. Athens, Greece), C. Vazouras (Hellenic Naval Academy, Greece), A. Panagopoulos (National Tech. Univ. Athens, Greece), G. Deligeorgis, G. Stavrinidis, A. Kostopoulos (Foundation for Research and Techn. Hellas, Greece)

Gallium Nitride technology is entering dynamically in the area of manufacturing integrated circuits. In this paper the design of a Low Noise Amplifier is presented. The transistor that is used is a bilateral, conditionally stable transistor and it has been built at the Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas. It is measured in order to get the Scattering parameters and the Noise Figure. The Noise Figure is additionally calculated, together with the noise resistance and the error between the calculated and the measured values is estimated for a single stage amplifier.

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