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ASIC Architecture and Implementation of RED Scheduler for Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems

L. Kohutka, V. Stopjaková (Slovak Univ. of Techn. in Bratislava, Slovakia)

This paper presents a new ASIC design of a coprocessor that performs process scheduling for embedded mixed-criticality real-time systems consisting of processes of various criticality and various real-time attributes. The proposed solution is implementing Robust Earliest Deadline (RED) algorithm and previously developed hardware architectures used for scheduling of real-time processes. Thanks to the on-chip implementation of the scheduler in a form of a coprocessor, the scheduler operations can be completed in two clock cycles regardless of the process amount within the system contains. The proposed scheduler was verified by simulations that applied millions of random inputs. Chip area costs are evaluated by synthesis into an ASIC using 28 nm process by TSMC. Two versions of real-time process schedulers were compared: EDF scheduler designed for hard real-time processes only and the proposed RED scheduler. The RED algorithm handles variations of process execution times better, achieves higher CPU utilization and can be used for scheduling of hard real-time, soft real-time and non-real-time processes combined within one system that is not possible using the other scheduling algorithms.

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