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Experimental Verification of the Required Power for Electrically Heated Clothing

W. Tylman, R. Kotas, M. Kamiński (Lodz Univ. of Techn., Poland), A. Dąbrowska, M. Młynarczyk (Central Inst. for Labour Protection - National Research Inst., Poland)

Experimental verification of the power required for thermal comfort in electrically heated clothing is presented. The clothing consists of a jumpsuit with embedded woven heating insets, controlled by a dedicated microprocessor system. The user is able to set heating power using a smartphone app. The experiments, conducted in a mobile freezing chamber, aimed at verification of the theoretical power (according to ISO 11079) required to maintain thermal comfort in ambient temperatures below 0 °C. The results are important as they impact the construction of heating insets, power electronics driving the heating insets, and the power rating of the battery.

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