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Conference paper

Analysis of Optimum Switching Points for Hybrid Adaptive Technique under Rayleigh Fading Channels

S. Bandiri (UNILAB, Brazil), S. Diakite (Inst. des Sciences Appliquées, Mali), T. Pimenta (Univ. Federal de Itajuba, Brazil)

The impact of the optimum switching points for hybrid adaptive techniques under Rayleigh fading channels is investigated in this work. A hybrid adaptive approach is one that combines adaptive modulation with coding. As analysis conditions, the maximum throughput and delay criteria were applied. The performance of the hybrid adaptive approach was compared to that of adaptive modulation and adaptive Forward error correction (FEC) separately . According to the results, the hybrid strategy outperforms the other strategies (adaptive modulation and adaptive FEC). Furthermore, the hybrid adaptive approach reduces the complexity of the error correcting code.

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