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Semiconductor Device Parameter Extraction Based on I-V Measurements and Simulation

D. Kasprowicz (Warsaw Univ. of Techn., Poland)

The paper presents a method for extracting the physical parameters of a semiconductor device based on the measurements of its electrical response (e.g. transfer characteristics) combined with simulation. Such extraction is usually performed by an optimization algorithm seeking device-parameter values that minimize the difference between the measured response and its simulated equivalent. The proposed approach needs only an average of 13 objective-function evaluations, i.e. device simulations, to extract three parameters of a single device. If the parameters of a group of devices of the same type are to be extracted, the average number of simulations drops to four per device. This number is much fewer than in conventional optimization procedures. Thus, the proposed procedure can be used even in the absence of an accurate compact model, when time-consuming TCAD simulation must be used to determine the device's response.

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