Conference paper

THz Response of a JLFET Detector - Interpretation by a Resistive Mixing Theory

D. Tomaszewski, M. Zaborowski, J. Marczewski (Łukasiewicz Research Network - ITE, Poland)

Two models of the THz electromagnetic radiation detection using field-effect devices are presented and briefly discussed with account for junctionless FETs as potential THz detectors. Due to inconsistency between a plasmonic theory and JLFET characteristics, a resistive mixing approach has been considered in a more detail and adopted for interpretation of the JLFET THz photoresponse. Fabrication of the test JLFETs and their electrical characterization are described. The detector channel conductance model and the photoresponse model have been developed in accordance with the resistive mixing theory. The modeling results are verified based on the experimental results of the THz detection using the test devices.

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