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Methods to Assess Self-regulatory Mechanisms of the Cardiovascular System under Simulated Hypergravity Conditions

E. Sobotnicka, A. Sobotnicki, M. Czerw, G. Badura (Inst. of Medical Techn. and Equipment, Poland), M. Krej (WIML, Poland), L. Puchalska (Medical Univ. of Warsaw, Poland), K. Kowalczuk, S. Gaździński, Ł. Dziuda (WIML, Poland)

The paper presents essential methods which enable the assessment of self-regulatory mechanisms of the cardiovascular system under simulated hypergravity conditions deployed in tests for pilots. The following testing procedures have been discussed: generating lower body negative pressure (LBNP) and positive pressure (LBPP), a head upright tilt table test (HUT), a head-down tilt (HDT) and Push-Pull mechanism. The paper also describes examples of solutions intended to simulate hypergravity conditions with particular emphasis on ORTO-LBNP, an original system used in tests for pilots and aviation candidates. The designed system is equipped with specially suited measurement modules to record physiological parameters, with a focus on cardiovascular system parameters. The developed dedicated measurement modules can be placed in one measurement cartridge, and thus can be used continuously during the test with the use of the ORTO-LBNP stand, in this way making it possible to perform both the orthostatic and LBNP test at the same time and to continuously record the physiological parameters. The paper also features preliminary results obtained during the operation of the measurement module used for the acquisition of bioimpedance signals from the thorax.

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