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Characterization of the Charge-Trap Dynamics in Organic Thin-Film Transistors

G. Darbandy, C. Roemer, J.S. Leise, J. Pruefer (TH Mittelhessen Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany), J.W. Borchert (Max Planck Inst. for Solid State Research and Univ. Stuttgart, Germany), H. Klauk (Max Planck Inst. for Solid State Research, Germany), A. Kloes (TH Mittelhessen Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany)

Step and pulse response transient measurements are performed in organic TFTs to study the charge trapping, detrapping dynamics and DC gate/drain bias stress effects on device characteristics. A strong correlation has been demonstrated between the device performance and bias stress effect. The measurement procedure must be carefully set up to analyze the dynamic channel response and the consistent/actual extraction of the device figures of merit (threshold voltage, on/off current ratio, contact resistance, transit frequency, etc). Device operation and bias conditions, historical stress (prefilled traps) and the impact of charge traps can have a strong influence on the device characteristics and their applications due to the affected device DC/AC parameters. The decrease/increase of the drain current when the biases are applied is associated to the effect of charge trapping/detrapping.

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