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Overview of Real-Time Redundancy Development in the Master Oscillator for European XFEL

B. Gąsowski, T. Owczarek, K. Czuba, Ł. Zembala (Warsaw Univ. of Techn., Poland), H. Pryschelski (DESY, Germany)

Performance and reliability of the Master Oscillator are critical concerns for the whole facility. Due to stringent performance requirements, a generation channel of the 1.3 GHz reference signal is a complex system, utilising analog and microwave circuits, and designed with performance-focused approach. This approach, however, might negatively affect reliability of the system. Thus a real-time redundancy was proposed as a counter-measure. The proposed solution employs use of three independent generation channels, continuous monitoring of signal quality, energy storage in a high-Q-factor filter, low-noise phase alignment, and dedicated control and switching modules. It is able to detect failure of the reference signal source and switch to another source within 200 ns while maintaining continuity of the output reference signal which is essential for uninterrupted operation of the facility. The system is currently in an advanced stage of development and has been proven to work properly in a laboratory environment. In this contribution we present an overview of the proposed system, current development status, and further plans.

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