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An Influence of the Operation Mode of a LED Lamp of the HUE Type on Its Electrical and Optical Parameters

P. Ptak, K. Górecki, J. Heleniak (Gdynia Maritime Univ., Poland)

In the paper electrical and optical properties of a LED lamp of the HUE type are analysed. This lamp has a possibility to remote control the mode of its operation. Properties of this class of lamps given by the producer was characterised and the measuring set-up to measure electrical and optical parameters of the considered lamps are proposed. The obtained results of measurements of the investigated lamps emitting light of different colours are shown and discussed. Attention was paid on parameters characterising influence of the LED lamp on the electroenergy network. Additionally, influence of feeding voltage, the fixed value of illuminance and colour of the emitted light on THD and PF parameters is analysed and discussed.

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