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Design of an Overcurrent Protection Relay Based on Electronics Technology

B. Agheli, A. Kalami (Urmia Branch, Islamic Azad Univ., Iran), A. Amini (Sina Bioelectronics Company, Iran)

Protection relays are significant components in distribution networks which are used to protect the interphase faults and single-phase-to-ground faults. However, these relays do not assurance protection due to the sharp growing short circuits which may be the result of demanding more and more power usage by the commercial and residential users. Overcurrent relay (OCR) is the cost-effective and broadly used element in the power system protection. In this paper, design of an overcurrent relay in 0.18μm CMOS standard technology is performed for protection of the 10kv distribution system against the undesired currents. In this case, we have considered a time-reverse type relay which the operation time of the relay has a reverse proportion with its current. Firstly, the important features of relay are converted into digital data using electronic circuits including counter, encoder, analog to digital converter (ADC), multiplier and etc. In the next step, using an analog comparator, leads to have the results of comparison between the adjacent current and the real line current. Finally, the value and the duration of the overcurrent are compared with the relay characteristics and the output results will ensure the circuit to continue operation or not. So, the proposed relay guarantees the protection of the system by overcurrent detection and cutting-off the system in critical situation in a safe and fast way. Simulation results through Hspice can strongly prove the proper operation of the proposed overcurrent relay.

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