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A W-band SiGe BiCMOS I/Q Receiver with Tunable Conversion Gain for Radar Applications

M. Kucharski, M. Widlok (SIRC Sp. z o.o., Poland), P. Bajurko (Warsaw Univ. of Techn., Poland), R. Piesiewicz (SIRC Sp. z o.o., Poland)

This paper presents an 89-102 GHz I/Q receiver (RX) containing an LO frequency multiplying chain (x4) manufactured in SiGe BiCMOS technology. The RX entails a two-stage low-noise amplifier (LNA) followed by a lumped version of Wilkinson power splitter to feed two mixers driven by LO signals shifted by 90 degrees. Quadrature LO signals are generated using a reduced-size branchline coupler. The mixing stage enables conversion gain (CG) tuning in 13.2-26.8 dB range at 94 GHz by means of pMOS transistors biased in triode region. The RX provides 13 GHz 3-dB bandwidth with peak CG of 26.8 dB and NF of 11.7 dB consuming 80 mA from 3.3V supply. The chip occupies 1.07 mm2 silicon area.

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