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Adaptive Resonance Control Based on the ANC-VSS-LMS Algorithm for Microphonics Compensation

F. Abdi, W. Cichalewski, W. Jałmużna, A. Napieralski (Lodz Univ. of Techn., Poland)

This paper proposes an optimal variable step size least mean square algorithm of the active noise controller (ANC). The ANC compensates for microphonics effects in the cavities. Microphonics is a prominent vibration source in the resonant frequency when resonators operate in continuous wave mode. The microphonics increase the required RF power reserve. IT also causes the amplitude and phase-jitter of the accelerated electron beam. Therefore, it is profitable to control and identify microphonics. Convergence rate, tacking ability, and low computational complexity are essential parameters for the performance of adaptive algorithms. The proposed method presents a high convergence rate and low computational complexity in the shortest period. The proposed method is implemented on the SIS8300-KU board. The top module occupies the FPGA resources of 4.69% LUT, 3.46% FF, and 2.29% DSP.

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