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Optimization of Signal Dispersion Space in Tropospheric BLOS Communications

A. Lewandowski (Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego, Poland)

Abstract — The article presents important issues during the implementation of long-distance communication using tropospheric dispersion. The system has been designed and tested in Poland using the C band. The design of the over-the-horizon radio link ensures communication at distances of up to 250 km with bit rates above 20 Mb/s, meeting the strict requirements for the BER of the data stream. Environmental variability causes fluctuations of the dispersion space, which is related to the divergence of the dispersion space of the communication link. The correct correction of the scattering angle during the operation of the BLOS radio link is one of the key parameters to maintain fast-changing fading at a low level. Project implemented under the POIR.01.01.01-00-0070/17-00 contract

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