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Conference paper

Magnesium Ion Implantation - Key Technology for GaN Power Electronics

K. Sierakowski, P. Jaroszyński, M. Iwińska, T. Sochacki, M. Boćkowski, R. Jakieła (Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland), M. Turek (Maria Curie-Sklodowska Univ. in Lublin, Poland)

The vertical GaN power devices are promising candidates for future kV-class power electronics due to the wide bandgap and high critical electric field (EC) of GaN. Vertical architectures provide the possibility of downsizing the devices increasing reliability. However few difficulties have to be addressed such as selective area doping, Schottky contact formation and drift layer growth. The ion-implantation is a key technology needed to provide the selective area doping. Due to GaN thermodynamics the post-implantation annealing, necessary for dopant activation and structural reconstruction, requires high nitrogen pressure. The Ultra-High-Pressure Annealing is proposed as the post-implantation treatment for GaN samples. In this seminar the recent progress in the design of Junction Barrier Schottky (JBS) diodes will be discussed. Difficulties such as Mg diffusion in GaN, drift layer purity and Schottky contact formation will be addressed. The current state of the art ion implantation procedures for GaN will be described and the further improvements in overcoming challenges will be proposed.

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