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Joint IEEE EDS Workshop


The compact models of the electron devices are key elements of the SPICE libraries in the modern PDKs, especially in OpenPDKs. Joint IEEE EDS Workshop at MIXDES in Gdańsk will review the status of the compact/SPICE modeling and OpenPDK Initiative. These key element will present as Integrated Circuit (IC) design practice, serving as a fundamental framework to explore the complete learning process from the transistor (electron devices) level simulations, IC designs, its manufacturing thru OpenPDK MPW manufacturing to its final testing. 

Open PDK Initiative draw international attention. After OpenPDK released by Skywaters and Global Foundries in the USA and subsequently by MinimalFab in Japan, the IHP, Frankfurt (Oder) joined these efforts, releasing their IHP BiCMOS OpenPDK [1, 2]. IHP is leading these developments in Europe, building a local FOSS CAD/EDA IC developer and designer community [3].  The IHP OpenPDK initiative as an open IC design education platform is an answer to recently publish Open Letter "Importance of Open-Source EDA Tools for Academia" [4]. The workshop will carefully look into "What's next?" question.

Joint IEEE EDS Workshop at MIXDES will be an open event organized as a roundtable discussion with following lineup of the semiconductor technology and IC design experts


Free of charge


[1] IHP OpenPDK <>

[2] Dr. Krzysztof Herman (IHP, Germany); Reflections on the First European Open Source PDK by IHP – experiences after one year and future activities; MIXDES (2024)

[3] IHP OpenPDK Networking Workshop <>

[4] Open Letter on European Strategic and Funding Directions <>


Receipt of papers:

March 15th, 2024

Notification of acceptance:

April 30th, 2024

Registration opening:

May 1st, 2024

Final paper versions:

May 15th, 2024